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What is Max Job :
Welcome to our site .We are the world largest Job Consultancy. We recruit the people from the Deference Background & Place theme to the Deference Sector in the Multinational Company.


Management Training ConsultantMinimize
Our Mission:

Help clients enhance bottom-line results by bringing out the greatness in their people through management training.

We offer Consulting, Management Training, and Coaching Services
  • Are you developing your people? Are you growing leaders?
  • Is your organization undergoing cultural, technological, or business changes or challenges?
All companies have one thing in common - they survive andthrive by creating and maintaining satisfied customers through their people. The Rothschild Corporation understands the importance of awakening, developing, and rewarding the greatness of a company's people through management training. With our experience and expertise in management training, leadership, and change training, consulting, and coaching services, we work with your company to achieve your goals.

you know 
  • How to motivate your employees for best performance?
  • The effect of their interests on their work?
  • How to communicate with your employees?
  • The biggest mistakes you can make with your employees?
  • How your employees seek to influence others?

Management Training & Organizational Development
We work with your leadership team to identify training needs, and to design, develop, implement, and evaluate management training and organizational development programs to meet your company’s strategic objectives. We have experience in developing end-to-end management training programs for marketing, sales, and technical teams in Fortune 500 companies both domestically and internationally. Our experience and insight can shorten your development cycle and free you to focus on other areas.
Birkman Method® – We provide individual assessments, team building, and 360 assessments for personalized leadership development, coaching, mentoring, and succession planning solutions. Birkman Method® offers the most robust tool to provide leaders and others with:
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relational management
  • Occupational and recreational interest profiling
Management Development Training – We can design and manage management development training for new supervisors and  managers to shorten their learning curve and increase their productivity and effectiveness as leaders and organizational managers. Customized training and coaching programs can ensure that you are developing your leadership team to model your organization's culture and values and to inspire their teams.
Management Leadership Training – To support your succession planning and leadership development, we can develop customized leadership training to prepare your leaders for effective leadership now and in the future.
Communications Planning – We can design and manage internal communications programs, including Internal Communications strategy, developing and implementing Intranet, newsletters, team meetings, and editing/distributing all communications distributed internally within the organization.
Project Management – We have expertise and experience in managing projects. By working closely with your leadership team, we develop and manage the transition project plan including the associated communication, training, rollout plans and deliverables (such as the training curriculum, materials, and schedule for training all the users of the system).
Bilingual - English and Spanish
Management training, project management training, management development training, management leadership training, succession planning, consulting, and coaching are our business.

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